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Sometimes, there’s nothing more effective or convenient than a reliable poly bag. Thin bags for bulk packaging, thick bags for durability, and specialized solutions such like anti-static bags offer our customers in various industries the options they need for successful and cost effective packaging and shipping.

At RBL, convenience and reliability is our goal, and with that in mind we design and manufacture custom poly bags to suit your business needs. Have a question? We’re more than happy to help you save more and get more peace of mind with the best poly-shipping bags available.

  • Custom poly bags
  • Non abrasive poly bags
  • Anti-static bags
  • Static shielding bags
  • VCI bags
  • All mill spec bags
  • Reclosable bags
  • Poly tubing
  • Gusseted bags
  • Bubble bags

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Poly Shipping Bags for Every Industry & Applications

RBL also offers poly bags that are structurally rigid, moisture resistant, and non abrasive. Anti-static options are also available for shipping small electronics -- giving every industry a simple and cost effective source for plastic poly-bags.

Poly bags of varying thickness and construction are frequently used for applications such as packaging food, industrial products, retail products, can liners, drum liners, box liners, garbage bags, covers, etc. They are available in varying sizes, colors, and thicknesses and are used in a limitless number of applications.

  • Poly bags for shipping food products
  • Anti static poly bags
  • Custom poly bags for small parts
  • Poly bags for packaging and shipping industrial materials
  • Poly bags for retail
  • Poly bags for shipping
  • Poly bags for storage
  • VCI poly bags
  • And much more…

At RBL, we have the poly bags you need for shipment, for packaging, or simply for storage. From retail and foodservice to manufacturers and industrial clients — we have everything from the simplest poly bags to anti static non abrasive poly bags with moisture resistance.