Expandable Polystyrene Packaging

Lightweight & Heavy Duty Shipping Coolers and More

RBL Industries offers light-weight expandable polystyrene packaging that is reliable and cost effective. Our Expandable Polystyrene packaging is fully-recyclable and friendly to the environment, while providing plenty of options for packaging and shipping virtually any product.

Whether you’re shipping food and beverage products or laboratory specimens, one of the most popular and reliable solutions is a polystyrene shipping cooler from RBL Industries. Molded and fabricated shipping coolers are cost effective and budget-friendly, for an incredibly diverse range of shipping needs.

No matter what industry you are in or the dimensions of your product, our experts can provide a custom foam packing solution in the size and configuration you need. Foam packaging services at RBL feature:

  • Custom sizes and dimensions
  • Molded and fabricated shipping coolers
  • Foam packing for heavy duty and lightweight products
  • Expandable Polystyrene packing in varying colors
  • Full service assembly and packaging
  • Advanced shock absorption
  • Extremely low thermal conductivity
  • And more

Poly Packaging from RBL Industries

The Custom Solutions that Fit Your Product, Your Budget, & Your Business

When you're shipping a product, the last thing you want to worry about is if it will get to its destination safely. With that in mind, our custom Expandable Polystyrene packaging suits your custom needs and gets your product where it needs to be safely.

Our environmentally friendly foam packing is available in a wide variety of configurations to perfectly fit your packaging container. Whether you're shipping light weight or heavy duty products both small and large - our Expandable Polystyrene packaging and cushioning foam can be depended on to deliver superior shock absorption and low thermal conductivity so your products are secure and well protected.

How RBL Does Custom Polystyrene Packaging

At RBL, custom Expandable Polystyrene packaging is engineered to give you peace of mind. Not only can you depend on our Expandable Polystyrene packaging to ensure that your shipments are well protected, but you can also count on RBL Industries to assemble and package your product.

After your product is packaged and secure in your custom Expandable Polystyrene packaging, it will be entered into our state of the art computer inventory tracking system, to ensure it's delivered on time to wherever it may be going.

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