Industrial And OEM Packaging And Assembly

If you're a manufacturer or OEM, the last thing you want is to manufacture your products with the utmost care and put them through quality control only to have them damaged during shipping and transport. With that in mind, RBL Industries provides comprehensive industrial packaging assembly services to ensure that your products get to where they're going safe and sound.

No matter what kind of part or product you're shipping, industrial packaging services from RBL Industries will protect your investment, whether you're shipping products down the street or around the world.

The Right Protection for Any Product

Shock Absorption

We use premium dunnage manufactured to secure your product in-position and provide additional shock-absorption.


With anti-static materials like anti-static bags, tape, and wrap -- our customers can be confident that sensitive electronics are always safe in-transit.

Sealed from the Elements

High quality mil-spec barrier materials and desiccant materials are added to prevent the transmission of oxygen or water vapor in your package.

The Best Available Solutions for Contract Packaging and Assembly

When our staff of experts assembles and packages your product, every order is handled with consistency, quality, and savings. A fully equipped warehouse and showroom along with a state of the art computer inventory and tracing system ensures prompt warehousing projects. We offer a wide range of industrial packaging supplies to meet your needs, whether it be corrugated inner packaging or protective wrap. Available options include:

Delivering the Peace of Mind your Business Needs

How Full-Service Contract Packaging and Assembly Works at RBL

From the earliest industrial packaging consultation and the design process all the way down to manufacturing, packaging, and warehousing — we make a point to do it all so you get the full service industrial packaging services you need to make running your business more simple and efficient.

Step by step: the industrial packaging you need


Our industrial packaging services take your product and devise the most secure, effective, and convenient way of shipping them.


Our experts then take every measure to ensure your shipment is secure, from bubble wrap to anti static materials.


Finally, we enter your shipment into our state of the art inventory control system to ensure that it gets to where it needs to go without wasting any time.

Our Job: To Make Yours Easy With Better Contract Packaging and Assembly

Whether you would like RBL Industries to take care of every aspect of the packaging process with our professional and effective industrial packaging services or if you would simply like the industrial packaging supplies to do it yourself — RBL Industries has the resources, equipment, and expertise to get you the industrial packaging you need.